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Enjoy a boat cruise through the Venice of England

Looking for culture, the latest fashion and vibrant nightlife? Book a flight to Birmingham and go shopping on Victoria Square or in the covered Bullring. The city's historic centre is full of attractions, such as the Birmingham Town Hall and the beautiful Council House. If you love English manors, don't miss the opportunity to visit Winterbourne House. Birmingham offers attractions for everyone!

Historic canals and workers’ homes

Birmingham boasts more miles of canals than Venice, so a boat tour is the perfect way to explore the city. The heart of this vast canal network is Gas Street Basin, home to many fun restaurants and shops. Another fascinating attraction is the 19th century Back to Backs: this unique courtyard still preserves a collection of working class houses that were literally built back-to-back. Ready to take a break? The botanical gardens are just around the corner. Birmingham is the ideal destination for a weekend holiday and the as starting point for a longer vacation in the United Kingdom. Treat yourself: book a flight to Birmingham now!

Book a flight to Birmingham

Culinary evenings and lively nights

When night falls in Birmingham, a whole new side of the city comes alive. Streets lined with classic pubs and trendy clubs with live music create a vibrant atmosphere. Broad Street features a large number of establishments, but the fun Jewellery Quarter is also great for an evening on the town. Birmingham is also known for being one of the best cities for ‘foodies’ in England. Enjoy a delicious meal in one of the city's hundreds of restaurants, ranging from a Michelin-star eatery to a simple bistro or pub.

Flights to Birmingham for a unique holiday

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