Osaka: Japan's kitchen

Looking for a friendly Japanese city full of delicious food? Book a flight to Osaka and sample amazing street food in Dotonbori, take a stroll to Osaka Castle and travel back in time in Shinsekai. For the best city views, ride the futuristic lift to the top of the Tsutenkaku tower.

A culinary paradise

In Japan, Osaka is known as “tenka no daidokoro” (the country's kitchen). The Dotonbori district is the epicentre for foodie travellers. Underneath the flickering neon lights, sample the city's street food specialty: Takoyaki, a round savoury snack filled with octopus. Another favourite is the pancake-like okonomiyaki, a fine example of typical Osaka soul food. Osaka is not only the ideal destination for a city trip, but also as the starting point for a longer vacation in Japan. Treat yourself: book a flight to Osaka now!

Book a flight to Osaka

Neighbourhoods with character

Each Osaka neighbourhood has its own unique character. Head to Umeda to buy trendy new clothes or stroll around Nakazaki-cho for hip artwork. Interested in Japan's fascination with comics? Then make sure you visit Den Den Town. In addition to electronic shops, you will find an eye-popping variety of anime, manga and games. A real treat for fans and newcomers to this genre!

Flights to Osaka for a unique city trip

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