Experience Uganda’s fascinating nature

Always wanted to explore Uganda’s nature? Book a flight to Entebbe and let this city on Lake Victoria enchant you. Go on an adventure in the beautiful nature parks where elephants, giraffes and zebras roam free, or relax on one of the white sand beaches. And how about camping on an offshore desert island underneath an amazing star-spangled sky?

An unforgettable journey through Uganda

Charming Entebbe is known as a green oasis with a leisurely atmosphere. Visit the National Botanical Gardens for a romantic picnic surrounded by colourful flowers, plants and rare butterflies. Or go on a mini safari in the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre, where you’ll meet elephants, lions and chimpanzees. And if you consider yourself a daredevil, you’re not likely to feel threatened by the snakes and crocodiles in Reptile Village. Entebbe is the ideal destination for a beautiful safari or as the starting point for a tour of East Africa. Treat yourself: book a flight to Entebbe now!

Book a flight to Entebbe

Discover the immensity of Lake Victoria

Did you know that impressive Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake? Uganda, Kenya as well as Tanzania border its shores. Apart from the magnificent sunsets from Entebbe beach, the lake offers plenty more activities. Take a cruise along the shore and watch how fishermen in canoes bring in the catch of the day. Or experience the pleasant bustle at the fish market of Kasenyi, a traditional fishing village.

Flights to Entebbe for a unique holiday

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